1. I Give You A Song (A Bernon) - Chapel Choir (Diocesan School for Girls)

2. St Cecilia Singers perform "Hexenlied" (Mendelssohn)

3. Cantus Bellorum (Diocesan School for Girls) - CMNZ 2015

4. Divinitus sings A Boy and a Girl (Eric Whitacre)

5. Senior Choir performs "Ubi Caritas" (Ola Gjeilo)

6. 2016 KBB Chamber Orch Ebbing Waters

7. Diocesan Senior Choir sings Music Down in my Soul (Moses Hogan)

8. Divinitus Choir (Diocesan School and Dilworth) sings Haere Ra (Grace Brebner)

9. Zenith Trio (Gwyneth, Woojin, Conroy) District Finals CMNZ 2015

10. Diocesan School's Virtuoso Voce Choir: Shadows of the Wind by Grace Brebner

11. Stormy Weather - Bella Cantoris (Diocesan School for Girls)

12. Bella Cantoris sings The Mechanical Dragon (David Hamilton)

13. Diocesan Chamber Orchestra: Mozart – Sull’Aria (soloists – Sarah Heslin and Nicole Davies)

14. Diocesan's St Cecilia Singers presents Aglepta (A Mellnas)

15. Bella Cantoris sings Laschia Ch'io Pianga (G.F. Handel)

16. Diocesan Symphony: Rachmaninov – Adagio from Piano Concerto in C minor (soloist – Hannah Kang)

17. 2016 KBB Big Band Until I met you

18. ‘Landsdown Gardens’ by Keith Statham (Landsdowne Trio - Diocesan School for Girls) CMNZ 2015

19. Il Est Bel et Bon - Senior Choir (Diocesan School for Girls)

20. Diocesan School's Virtuoso Voce: March and Fanfare on “Gloria” by Patti Drennan

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