1. Dio Symphony at KBB 2013: Butterflies and Hurricanes (Muse,Rachmaninov, Arr Dan James)

2. Diocesan School's Virtuoso Voce Choir: The Moon by Andy Beck

3. St Cecilia Singers perform "Hexenlied" (Mendelssohn)

4. Senior Choir performs "Ubi Caritas" (Ola Gjeilo)

5. Bella Cantoris performs "Whisper to Me" (David Hamilton)

6. Diocesan's St Cecilia Singers presents Tundra (Ola Gjeila), solos K. Kim/N Davey

7. Senior Choir performs "In a Glorious Garden Green" (David Hamilton)

8. Macedonian Folk Song (G Jasperse) - Virtuoso Voce (Diocesan School for Girls)

9. St Cecilia Singers perform "To Be Sung on the Water" (Samuel Barber)

10. Dio Concert Band - Ants in my Pants (KBB Festival 2015) GOLD

11. Cantus Bellorum (Diocesan School for Girls) - CMNZ 2015

12. Bella Cantoris sings Laschia Ch'io Pianga (G.F. Handel)

13. Bella Cantoris performs "Mi'kmaq Honour Song (Linda Adams)

14. Dio Chapel Choir: Why Animals Stick their Heads through Fences by David H Gordon, Lyrics by R J Mann

15. Diocesan School's Virtuoso Voce Choir: Shadows of the Wind by Grace Brebner

16. Dio Chapel Choir: A Song of Sixpence by Richard Oswin

17. Il Est Bel et Bon - Senior Choir (Diocesan School for Girls)

18. 2016 KBB Big Band Until I met you

19. Divinitus Choir (Diocesan School and Dilworth) sings Haere Ra (Grace Brebner)

20. Dio Chamber Orchestra - Invocation (KBB Festival 2015) GOLD

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