1. "Persévère" by Olivier Cheuwa , Album " Nouveau Départ"

2. Persevere

3. I'm In Love - 진영 (Jinyoung of B1A4), 유성은 (Yoo Seong Eun)

4. 말리꽃 (Jasmine Flower) - 유성은 (Yoo Seong Eun)

5. Persevere {Sans vs Gaster mashup}

6. 내 눈물 모아 (With My Tears) - 울랄라세션 (Ulala Session)

7. persevere (feat. Kyle Greene)

8. 힘내 (Way to go) - 칠전팔기 (Team Never Stop)

9. DJ Forgotten - Persevere ft. Nas

10. Persevere - Original Mix

11. Persevere

12. Persevere, Goo Hae Ra OST Part 8 - 아시나요 (Do You Know) - Yoo Sung Eun & Kwak Si Yang

13. 촛불 하나 (One Candle) - 칠전팔기 (Team Never Stop) [Feat. Shim Hyung Tak]

14. 널 만난 이후 (Oh My Love) - 민효린, 진영 (B1A4) (Min Hyo Rin, Jinyoung (B1A4))

15. 그랬나봐 (Maybe) - 유성은, 울랄라세션 (Yoo Seung Eun, Ulala Session)

16. 정류장 (Station)- 진영 (B1A4) & 곽시양 (Jinyeong of B1A4, Kwak Si Yang)

17. 아로하 (Aloha) - 칠전팔기 (Team Never Stop)

18. Persevere (Prod. KZ x Scotty Z) (Snapchat - officialkz)

19. 유성은 (Yoo Sung Eun) & 진영 (B1A4) - I'm In Love [Persevere, Goo Hae Ra OST Part 7]

20. 그녀가 웃잖아 (She Is Smiling) - 유성은, 진영, 민효린, 울랄라세션 (Yoo Seong Eun, Jinyeong, Min Hyo Rin, Ulala Session)

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