The Bunt

1. The Bunt S04 Episode 06 Ft. Jake Phelps "People think skateboarding owes them"

2. The Bunt Ep 1 Ft. Bobby Dekeyzer "If you posted your own skating you were a kook"

3. The Bunt Ep 3 Ft. Jed Anderson "Quit messing with Lizard man, Shake Junt for life"

4. The Bunt S04 Episode 08 Ft. Mark Suciu "I tricked myself out of skating"

5. The Bunt Ep 6 Ft. Tyler Warren & Ben Blundell "He tried to kill me, he pushed me into the bus"

6. The Bunt Bonus Ft. Morgan Smith "Companies are fuckin shady man"

7. The Bunt Ep 4 Ft. Paul Liliani "I really like Andrew Reynolds and Paul Liliani"

8. The Bunt Bonus Ft. Spanish Mike "Don't think I can film a video part bro? You fake for that one!"

9. The Bunt Ep 2 Ft. JS Lapierre "It's not all about skating, it's who you are as a person"

10. The Bunt S02 Episode 1 Ft. Spencer Hamilton 1/2 "What Happened with Expedition"

11. Bunt Ep 5 Ft. TJ Rogers "They were paying me like $50 per clip off instagram"

12. The Bunt S03 Episode 2 Ft. Brian Anderson "I'm gonna ride Anti-Hero boards for the rest of my life"

13. The Bunt S02 Episode 8 Ft. Rick McCrank "Carroll went for it, literally tore himself a new a**hole"

14. The Bunt S02 Episode 5 Ft. Paul Rodriguez "I got chewed up for doing a no comply"

15. The Bunt S03 Episode 5 Ft. Mark Appleyard "$630 plane ticket, still worth it, I'm going!"

16. The Bunt S05 Episode 6 Ft. Corey Duffel "He smacked me with a pink dildo"

17. The Bunt S02 Episode 10 Ft. Stevie Williams "Flew first class, f***ed up hella shrimp"

18. The Bunt S04 Episode 02 Ft. Ryan Gallant "No more fresh dudes, we need hesh type dudes."

19. The Bunt S03 Episode 12 Ft. Chima Ferguson "He's kinda like Nyjah's little shit bag friend"

20. The Bunt S04 Episode 10 Ft. Brian Wenning "I should be dead"

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