10 Bản Vẽ Nhà Phố 2 Tầng Mặt Tiền 5m Tối ưu Công Năng

Front of townhouse 5m is preferred by investors in Di An city. These are examples of homes that sell very quickly. That said, these 5m townhouses are the most beautiful, please rate them.

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5M 2 storey townhouse

Area: 5×20=100m2, 100% residential

The house is built with 2 modern floors, with the following functions: garage, living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, SHC room, worship room, skylight. This is a model that has been widely applied for nearly 3 years now, until now this 5M townhouse model is still trusted in building houses for sale.


Townhouse 5m 3 floors

Newly built house with 3 floors, functions as follows: Car park, living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets, SHC room, worship room, skylight, terrace.

Land area 5 x 18 = 90m2, 100% residential.

The house is located on the front of a residential area, the house has a new design. Using brown tones as the main color, this is the dominant paint color that creates a sturdy facade. A special feature of this 5M townhouse is the small courtyard on the 3rd floor.


NEW 5m townhouse floor plan

The house has an area of ​​​​5 x 18m = 90m2, 60m2 tc, east direction, separate pink book. Structure 1 ground floor 1 solid floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 WC, 1 worship room, kitchen and living room.

CONSTRUCTION LOCATION: Closed densely populated area, 6m concrete road, truck access to the house. 100m from the main road, in Dong Tac area, Di An, very close to Di An hospital. The house is growing up creating excitement for the people around.


Townhouse 5m x 15m

House frontage 2 floors 1 ground including: garage – business area, living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 4 toilets, worship room, terrace.

Area 5 x 15 = 75m2, 100% residential

(The house on the right) This is a very good house for both residential and business combination. The 5M townhouse model is trusted by many investors, especially the stairs are designed to be skewed to one side, to create depth for the 15M long house.


5M Adjacent Townhouse FACE

– Area 5 x 17, SHR, 100% residential – Full design drawings, construction permit – Construction of 2 floors 1 ground floor including: Car parking area, living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms- 4WC, room church, large back skylight – High-class furniture, wooden floors…

The above is the basic information of the 5M townhouse completed in January 2020. The design style is modern, using a lot of tempered glass to create simplicity but elegance for the facade.


Modern townhouse 5m

– Area: 5 x 12.5 = 62m2 – Finished house: 142m2 – 2.5-storey house with modern design, with parking area, living room, kitchen, 03 bedrooms, 03 toilets, worship room . Spacious and cool.

The house is completely different from the architecture from the past to the present. Bringing the wind to promote creative architects to create more and more modern 5M townhouses.


Townhouse 5m with Thai roof

Ground floor house near Moi intersection, 100% new, area 105m2, 94m tc, south direction, car yard, 3 bedrooms, central location of Di An city

– Area: 5 x 21m, residential area 94m – Private pink book, owner

– Designed as follows: Car park, living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 toilets, worship room, airy skylight. Using high-class furniture, full electricity – water


townhouse 5m French architecture

With the criteria of beauty, quality and reasonable price in early 2020, our company launched products with classic luxury style in Di An.

– House with 1 ground floor 2 floors including: 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 5 WC (closed glass toilet) front yard 10m back yard 2m. – Area: 130m2 with 70m2 TC. Total construction area 240m2.

French style is trusted by many giants, not only 5M townhouses but even villas are French architecture.


5M Townhouse WITH LAN CAN

– Design 1 floor 1 ground floor, utility use as follows: Car parking, living room, kitchen, 03 bedrooms, 03 toilets, private worship room, SHC area, skylight, balcony.

+ Nice area: 5m x 20m = 100m2 + Private pink book, 100% residential

– Location: Binh Duong house is located in East residential area, high intellectual population, Thong Nhat Di An street, near Linh Xuan overpass, Dong Hoa market, Big C Di An, National University Village



– Design 1 floor 1 ground floor, utility use as follows: Car parking, living room, kitchen, 03 bedrooms, 03 toilets, private worship room, SHC area, skylight, balcony.

+ Nice area: 5m x 20m = 100m2

The house is simple in the front part, bringing high security to the house. Although not widely applied, but when appearing this model is still very beautiful in residential areas.

5m townhouse with garage

Southwest facing house. 5×20=100m (land) has a house with 1 floor and 1 ground floor. When It’s Beautiful at Night

– Area 5 x 20 = 100m2 (Personal Red Book)

– Design of 2 floors and 1 ground floor: House with car park + living room + dining room + skylight + 3 bedrooms + worship room + front balcony + 4 Tolets + terrace

– The interior of the house is all made of natural wood. durable. Luxury sanitary equipment. There is a solar hot water system. Full mains electricity and running water.

Townhouse 5m 2 frontage

DESIGN – There is a garage for car + kitchen + spacious kitchen space + 3 bedrooms + worship room + separate work area + 3 tolets


House with 2 airy facades 1 ground 1 floor in Binh Chuan residential area, Binh Phuoc B ward, Binh Chuan, Thuan An city, Binh Duong

The area on the book is 77.6m2, 100% residential. The actual area is more than 100m2. Horizontal 5.8m, main direction Southeast, sub-Southwest direction.

The design includes 1 worship room, 1 living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen. Special: extremely large car park…


– Area: 5 x 20m = 100m2, SHR, 100% residential – Full: Construction drawings, construction permits

The design of 1st floor and 1st floor includes: garage, living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, SHC room, worship room, back skylight. Cool and spacious house


– Area: 5 x 12 = 60m2 – Private pink book, owner

– Newly built house with 2 floors and 1 ground floor, utilities include: Parking area, living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 3 toilets, worship room. Although the area is small, 60m2, it is still designed with 4 bedrooms as required, but it is still very reasonable.


Design 1 floor 1 ground floor, utility use as follows: Car parking, living room, kitchen, 03 bedrooms, 02 toilets, private worship room, SHC area, skylight, backyard.

The roof style roof is the most used, so far it is gradually being replaced when investors are interested in modern house models.

5m . townhouse gate

The house looks quite simple with blue and yellow gray colors. Simply what the owner asked for. Located in the middle of the street, there are 2 rows of houses facing each other, creating a new feeling.

4-leaf gate due to the frontage area is 5M, 4-leaf door helps to stabilize the door when used for a long time.

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Land area to build a house 5M x 25M Construction area is 70M, total 2 floors 140MIndoor includes: Living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bedroom downstairs, backyard. Upstairs there are 2 Bedrooms, 1 SHC Room, 1 Worship Room.

Front of townhouse 5m with balcony

Introducing a house with 2 floors and 1 ground floor, the land area to build the house is 5M x 20M. Quiet modern house model. Light paint color and milk color add a little green.

A special feature of this 5M townhouse is that it has a terrace in front. Homeowners use it as a green cottage area, and a tea table is placed to relax after every working day.

Land area 5x 20. New style design: 3 bedrooms, 4 toilets, worship room on the 3rd floor, 3rd floor in addition to the front yard, there is also a drying yard at the back.

3 storey townhouse model 5m

The land area to build the house is quite modest, only 68m2. So the investor decided to build a ground floor 2 floors, build all the land. Due to the limited area, the house does not have a parking area for cars, but only for motorbikes in the house. This is also a limited part for 5M townhouses.

Like the above houses, this house has 3 bedrooms and 4 toilets, separate worship room. The living room area connected to the kitchen is very comfortable and airy.


High-class house with 1 floor and 1 ground floor, fully equipped: This house can be built on 6M, 7M frontage lots.

+ Area 120m2 (5m across) – Design as follows:

✔ Ground floor: Parking lot, living room, kitchen, 1WC, 1 bedroom downstairs. ✔ Ground floor: 2 bedrooms, 2WC, worship room, 1 karaoke room

townhouse 5m x 18m

Area 5×18=90m2, 100% residential area, North direction. Private pink book, Completed. The house includes a car park, 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room. 4 wc, terrace, open skylight.

The façade has a cubic design, a small balcony with a width of 1m2, using iron railings.

Townhouse 5m x 20m

House design includes:

_ parking lot_living room_kitchen_ 3 bedrooms, ground floor bedroom_3 toilets

Area 100m2. Private pink book, Turkish residence. Horizontal House 5×20.

townhouse frontage 5m 3 floors

townhouse frontage 5m

This is a 5m townhouse model with beautiful and very luxurious design, airy and spacious and comfortable space.

The house is focused on interior design for the most reasonable users. with three spacious bedrooms, a drying yard and a separate laundry room are arranged very reasonably.

With an area of ​​​​95m2 5m wide when building a house, you will have many choices in the design and space layout for your house.

In addition to the 25m2 car park, with an area of ​​70m2 built, you will have 3 bedrooms, shc, living room, kitchen … very comfortable and cool.

townhouse model 5m . wide

Like the previous 5M townhouses on the same area of ​​100m2, but the design is different and more spacious. Beautiful and modern open space full of amenities with full functions will surely satisfy everyone watching.

The main use of the house includes: Car park – living room – kitchen – 3 bedrooms (1 ground floor room and 2 upstairs rooms), 2 toilets, 1 worship room.

Front of townhouse 5m 3 floors

Too excellent for the design of this 5M townhouse by the investor’s design. Beautiful and complete house with too comfortable space. Beautiful and luxurious in interior design and layout. With an area of ​​105m2, there are 4 main bedrooms, 1 luxury living room, 1 kitchen, 1 worship room and drying yard on the 3rd floor.

5m . horizontal townhouse model

This beautiful facade design.. you will definitely like it because of the novelty and convenience of the 5M tube house space.

Unlike the previous designs, the stairs and toilet are behind the kitchen to create a sense of openness and rationality in living. Meanwhile, the 2-storey house still has 3 main bedrooms, a car yard and a very large laundry room.

Please refer to this Beautiful House Model and balance the size to take full advantage of the functions for your home! Good luck

townhouse 5m 2 frontage

It is very difficult to find a beautiful and reasonable 2-facade house model. Because if you build an unreasonable model, it will not show the class of the owner when in a VIP position in the area. We have built a lot of 5M townhouses with 2 facades, below is one such apartment.

Very satisfied by the investor, the house has 4 bedrooms, a garage for a car, a church room. The special thing in the kitchen, the kitchen is placed on the garage, it’s like a mezzanine and is located at the back. home.

beautiful 5m townhouse architecture

Classical architecture is always loved, the main color is always white. The house is designed with a front yard, on the second floor to plant bonsai, modern accents to create a more comfortable green space.

In terms of interior appearance, it is similar to other 5M townhouses.

Front of townhouse 5m 2 floors

The house uses gentle white tones, combined with a bit of gold at the edge of the house. There is a sense of simplicity and comfort every time you return home. Use tempered glass and aluminum. Many people think that glass does not guarantee safety, but in fact, people do, Tempered glass is very strong.

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Modern townhouse 5m x 20m

This is a house built in February 2020. The house is still unfinished 100% of the interior. Too beautiful for the front of the 5M townhouse. Brown paint color is driving many investors crazy, this color brings elegance and sophistication.


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