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Society is gradually paying more attention to appearance. That is why the demand for beauty is increasing. One of the issues that make beauty lovers especially concerned is skin. The process of treatment and care takes place over a long period of time, so each Spa salon needs to provide a treatment card for customers. So what is a Spa treatment card? What are the uses? Which card models are popular? Let’s find out with HTTL through the article below.

What is a spa treatment card?

Spa treatment card is a card with the function of tracking the customer’s treatment and skin care, all information is printed and recorded in paper form to help the customer’s treatment process go well, making it easy for the spa owner. customer care and advice. The content on the Spa card is detailed information about the Spa salon, services, customers, treatment time and appointment schedule.

treatment card

Types of treatment cards

There are 3 commonly used spa treatment cards that are:

Spa treatment card form offset card: this is a cheap form of treatment card, but it still has limitations such as spa card not having enough space to write regulations and terms of use. Large spas should not use this card because it can cause problems later on.

treatment card

Template for spa treatment card in double form: there are 2 types of horizontal folding and vertical folding so that spa owners can write all the necessary information on the spa card.

treatment card

VIP treatment card template: this is a type of treatment card that helps customers have higher benefits compared to customers using normal treatment cards. VIP treatment cards are only issued to regular customers who come to the Spa.


Size of spa voucher

When designing a spa service voucher, it is important to note the size, a standard size helps your Spa card become much more balanced and beautiful.

Spa service voucher size offset card: 5.3×8.8cm

Spa service voucher size in double form:

■ Spa service voucher in horizontal form: 5.3 x 11.8cm

■ Spa service voucher folded vertically: 8.8 x 10.8cm

Size of VIP treatment voucher: 8.8 x 5.3cm

Beautiful spa treatment card templates

Offset card spa treatment card templates


Spa treatment card templates in double form

Horizontal fold
Horizontal fold
Horizontal fold
Horizontal fold

Horizontal folding spa treatments

Vertical fold
Vertical fold
Vertical fold

Samples of VIP Spa treatment cards


Prestigious spa treatment card printing address

Ho Chi Minh City

Tran Tung Printing

Tran Tung specializes in providing spa treatment voucher printing services, the printers here have good ink quality to help produce spa treatment vouchers with clear colors and long-lasting colors. The staff here are carefully filtered and trained before going to work.

Tran Tung

Contact Info:

■ Address: 81/57a1 Dong Hung Thuan 12, Dong Hung Thuan Ward, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh

■ Hotline: 09711 65811 – 032 881 8710 (Mr. Tung)

■ Email: inantrantung@gmail.com

Khai Nguyen Printing Design Co., Ltd

Khai Nguyen is a design and printing company with many years of experience in the profession. During the consultation process, Khai Nguyen always listens and absorbs the wishes of the customer to produce beautiful Spa treatment card templates, suitable for customers as well as Spa salons.

Khai Nguyen

Contact Info

■ Hotline: 028 6292 1221 – 24/7 ONLINE

■ Email: info@khainguyenepco.vn

■ Address: 210/9c Ho Van Hue, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh.

Alona Co., Ltd

Is a prestigious printing company in Ho Chi Minh City. Alona always aims for perfection, the spa treatment cards made here always exude a unique look compared to the market.


Contact Info:

■ Address: 21 Bau Cat 2, Tan Binh, City. Ho Chi Minh City

■ Phone: 0909 256 066 – 0932 532 472 – 0938 553 505

■ Email: in@alona.vn


Viet Thang Printing Factory

Viet Thang always tries to learn and update knowledge both at home and abroad to want to send customers the latest spa treatment cards on the market.

Vietnam wins

Contact Info:

■ Address: Apartment CT5 Xa La, Ha Dong District – Hanoi City

■ Hotline/zalo: 096 771 9696

■ Email: invietthang365@gmail.com

Dong Nam printing design company

With the desire to help Spa salons have impressive treatment cards, Dong Nam always tries to build a team of talented staff. Dong Nam is rated quite well by customers both in terms of product quality and design speed

South East

Contact Info:

■ Address: 76 Hoang Van Thai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

■ Phone: 02435668470 – 02466835625

■ Email: info@indongnam.com.vn

Bao Phat Technology Co., Ltd

Proud to have an excellent staff, modern printers, Bao Phat always makes customers satisfied even the most demanding customers. Over the years, Bao Phat has always produced impressive and attractive spa treatment vouchers.

Bao Phat

Contact Info:

■ Address: P2101 OceanBank building, 19 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

■ Phone: 04.2245.6108

■ Email: info@baophat.net


Construction Company

Is a company specializing in providing design and printing in Da Nang. The difference is an important factor to help Architects achieve success when facing many other competitors in the market. The staff here are creative people, passionate about their work. For them, work is a joy and a source of life because it makes them satisfied with their passion.


Contact Info:

■ Address: 35 Le Van Huu, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

■ Email: inkientao.vn@gmail.com

■ Phone: 0965 235 435

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Printing service Phan Gia Huy

With the goal of becoming the best printing unit in Da Nang, Phan Gia Huy always tries to overcome all difficulties to rise up. Phan Gia Huy always creates trust for customers by providing high quality Spa treatment cards.

Phan Gia Huy

Contact Info:

■ Address: 72 Dao Tan, Hai Chau, Da Nang

■ Hotline: 0935 665 433 – 0931 855 505

■ Email: inan@phangiahuy.com

Advantages and disadvantages of treatment cards

About the advantage: every day there are many customers coming to the Spa, so the staff can’t remember the treatment process of each customer. Spa treatment card helps to track the customer’s treatment process, making the customer’s use of Spa services more effective.

Pros and cons

About the cons:

■ Cost and time to print

■ Customer’s spa treatment is managed simply, not strictly

■ Difficulty in the treatment process if the customer loses the treatment card

■ Must bring treatment card every time you come to Spa

■ Must regularly check the treatment card to come to the Spa on schedule.

■ Easy to fake: to avoid counterfeiting, it is necessary to have a signature of the spa and a book to compare information, which takes time.

Top 10 effective spa management software

Say goodbye to the old way of writing treatment cards on paper, in order to overcome the disadvantages that traditional Spa cards bring. Many suppliers launch Spa treatment management software, all information about Spa treatments is fully stored through this Spa treatment management software. The software has a simple and easy-to-use interface, so employees do not need to spend too much time getting used to the software interface.

Spa management software PosApp

One of the best spa management software – beauty salon and beauty salon now should be mentioned is Spa management software PosApp. This is a comprehensive spa mastering solution that runs on both App and Web platforms. Acquiring the management needs of spa owners, PosApp software with quite full functions to support the professional and effective spa domination.

IZISolution’s ERPViet spa management application

IZISolution’s ERPViet spa management software is one of the best, combining the strengths of all the spa sales management systems available on the market.

Sinnova spa management software

Sinnova is an application of Nanosoft & specialized for spa and hair salon systems

An Viet Soft’s spa management software

An Viet Soft’s spa mastering software is one of the solutions for the spa service industry. With a long experience in managing business activities, An Viet Soft is easy to imagine the company’s tastes. Since then the functions of the software are also carefully monitored and measured.

Nano Spa spa mastering software

Nano Spa is the spa management application of Nanosoft stock consumers. The software is invested and upgraded in stages to even bring efficiency to consumers.

Lucky Beauty Spa mastering application

Lucky Beauty was started by SSOFT in our country and is highly appreciated with many convenient functions compared to Spas. Satisfying the wishes of customers in improving quality dominates every step of the business at Spa. Not only that, the price of the Lucky Beauty application is also much softer than some other Spa mastering applications on the market.

Schedul free spa management application

Schedul is one of the free software with quite a lot of good uses, which is suitable for small and medium spas to support work management at the Spa without the initial investment costs. This is also the application that many Spas above the world trust and abuse. But the disadvantage of Schedul is that it has a relatively difficult interface to abuse a bit because the language of the application is English

Spa management application Namoly

Similar to most other software, Namoly Spa can also have the function of mastering the movements at the Spa in the most effective and methodical way.

Salon Hero management application

Salon hero – professional Spa mastering software, One of the safe and reliable solutions in the spa industry. Fully supports the basic to advanced uses that a Spa, cosmetology and beauty salon need to have in order to improve the uniqueness of the process.

eBizSpa . management software

The top spa management application in the top 7 is eBizSpa – a low-cost management software for Spas and beauty salons. The advantage of the software is that it’s a bit simple to use, Reasonable cost, but the team is always ready to support when needed. It seems that the functions of mastering are also highly optimized, so eBizSpa becomes an advanced and extremely effective support tool.

full set spa

Online software to manage Spas, Beauty Salons helps Spa salons create treatment cards for customers, the cards have a pre-defined number of times to use the service, the frequency of service times of the course. Customers do not need to carry a treatment slip every time they come to the Spa anymore, just read the name or phone number and all information about the treatment is fully displayed on the software. In addition, the software has the feature of sending automatic messages via Sim to remind customers about the next time for treatment.

Source: https://httl.com.vn/

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