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The beautiful 4m 2.5-storey townhouse facade has a construction cost of over 1 billion after. Built for Quynh’s family in Dong Anh Hanoi, completed early last year. Currently 2021 is updated again for you to refer to the 4x18m house design. This design has an architectural garage of this 2-storey 1-tum 75m2 tube house

Beautiful 4m townhouse facade model costs 1 billion flat roofs

Beautiful 4m townhouse facade model 2 floors 1 tum terrace cheap open space in 2020. Simple design after design on a land plot of 4m long, 20m deep. Land with 1 street frontage according to the planning must leave the roadside 2m, the area for construction is 75m2


Front model of a beautiful townhouse 4m, 2-storey tube house architecture, 1 tum with garage Mr. Quynh Dong Anh

Therefore, the design of a beautiful house with 1 ground floor 2 floors and a terrace of 75m2 is built on each floor. The use of Quynh’s family needs 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. Please refer to the front of the house 4m 3 floors modern style with detailed drawings of the layout beautiful townhouse furniture inside below

Design consultancy for a 4x18m house with a beautiful street surface of 4m in Dong Anh

House design model 4×18 street frontage with garage and 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room, optimized architecture, simple and cheap 4m house facade design today. The modern 4m-fronted tube house style is very attractive to many homeowners who have a plot of land with a width of 4m, a depth of 20m or shorter, which can also be built.

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Perspective model house model 4x18m 2 floors 1 tum street 4m simple

At the end of 2017, Quynh’s family in Dong Anh contacted the architecture and construction company to build a new beautiful house in Hanoi office. After working, he took advantage of visiting the office to share his desire to design a beautiful townhouse with a modern style 4m frontage. The ground floor has a car garage and the first floor has a tube house design with 3 bedrooms, a spacious and comfortable church with a skylight in the center of the house.


Pictures of beautiful townhouses 4m 2.5 floors with garage area 4x18m Mr. Quynh

The facade of the modern house 4m 3 floors 75m2 designed by Architect Toan according to the needs, giving about 950 million to 1 billion or more. Optimizing according to feng shui house 1975 par Thuy At Mao – Dai Khe Thuy. The exterior of the house is 4m wide, 20m long, 2 floors have a color bias in favor of white and blue. Chan harmonizes with the west direction of the Doai Vi Trach hexagram. The Phuc Vi Palace matches the Doai Kim destiny of the town owner. Just adapt to the current land unchanged.

3d image of beautiful 4m townhouse model 75m2 frontage

Facade of beautiful 4m tube house 3 floors 4×18 2m margin. On the ground floor, both sides are covered with cheap granite using automatic rolling doors Astdoor Hanoi painted in blue. The area of ​​the first floor is designed to protrude out. The front side of the house is 4m hot, 3 floors, 0.9m, just shaded. For the ground lobby, just optimize more green space. Beautiful 4m townhouse architecture designed with green flower beds. As well as safety shielded by a stainless steel black painted frame. So that the family can enjoy the cool breeze in the southwest


Front of beautiful townhouse 4m 2 floors 1 tum anh Quynh

If you like a 4-storey house with a semi-classical French facade, Click Here to see a drawing of Mr. Toan’s house

Optimizing the decoration of the facade of a beautiful modern 4m townhouse

Image facade of tube house 4m 2.5 floors designed in the style of modern split-level architecture. The architect optimizes the cool wind from the main direction of the facade to the space. Using bright white tone sliding tempered glass doors helps spaces have a lot of light inside. In addition, the front of the house is 2.5 storeys and 4m long, and the wall is covered with light blue and white wooden stone. Using plastic door with steel core, glass frame, exit to the balcony on the first floor. There is also a 2-storey house model 4m wide, 20m long, with Mr. Nho’s roof.


Model of 2-storey tube house 4m long, 20m long, cost 950 million with beautiful frontage 4m, modern style Mr. Nho, Bien Hoa city

The highlight of the front of the townhouse 4m 2.5 floors Mr. Quynh

Highlights of house frontage 4m 3.5 floors for the spacious floor plan. The front façade has a sturdy reinforced concrete terrace. The top has a roof covered with insulating polycarbonate sheets. Bright white tone helps when it rains, the water is not passive on the terrace against moss and moisture. In the balcony on the 2nd floor of the beautiful 3-storey house with a 4m frontage, it also has a steel frame that covers the security with a green flower bed like on the 1st floor.


Construction drawing of a beautiful 4m facade townhouse with a 3-bedroom garage, roofed with tole ceilings, heat-resistant and economical

Style of 2-storey tube house 1 tum 4x18m simple facade

The design of a 3-storey tube house with a 4m frontage in Dong Anh Hanoi, Mr. Quynh is designed with 3D max to help make the image of the 4m wide tube house’s facade elegant. Pictures of beautiful 4m house with more open architecture. We recommend using the white Dulux Ipspire paint line to make the architecture of the house’s facade beautiful 1 ground 2 floors 4×18 terrace look softer and more pleasant.

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Floor plan of house design 4×18 with garage on 1st floor

House design model 4x18m with garage 1 ground floor 2 floors 75m2 modern style Mr. Quynh designed the ground floor including a 4-seat garage. Next is the space of 1 large living room and 1 dining room. In which the staircase is designed to take advantage of natural wind and light on the roof. Behind the beautiful 2.5-storey townhouse with a 4m frontage leaving 0.85m, there is an atrium with an exit door and a dining table arrangement for ventilation and a toilet located next to the stairs to optimize space.


Floor plan of house design 4x18m with garage 3 bedrooms 1 room for worshiping QuynhLiving room 16.5m2 wide. Car garage with a total of 15.5m2 parking for 7 seats Kitchen and dining room is 16m2 wide. Bathroom is 3.5m2 in size. Ground floor construction area is calculated as 75m2.

2nd floor plan of modern townhouse with 4m frontage

The interior plan of the 3-storey tube house with 4m frontage for the 1st floor is designed with 2 spacious and comfortable bedrooms. The design direction gets light and cool wind from the outside mainly through the skylight between the stairs as well as the balcony with the front glass door system.


Design drawing of 2nd floor space model 4x18m townhouse with 3 bedrooms

The outside blows in from the front of the house 4m 3 floors 75m2 and the bedroom. The rear gets light mainly in the atrium of 0.85m empty behind by sliding glass doors. The specific interior space of a beautiful 4m2 townhouse has a spacious area as follows

The front bedroom of the couple is 22m2 wide with a wardrobe and a working corner, a beauty table for his wife Quynh.The bedroom for the son in the back is designed with a width of 20m2 with a wardrobe full of double beds and a full TV study corner. complete enough. The construction area of ​​a beautiful 3-storey house model with a frontage of 4m on the first floor is 72m2

Plan of 3 model house with beautiful frontage 4m 2 floors 75m2

Beautiful townhouse design drawing with 4m frontage, Mr. Quynh has 2nd floor, 3rd floor, designed with 1 bedroom 12.5m2 for spare guests. The remaining space has a worship room placed in the northeast direction, which is another Phuoc Duc palace that rotates 180 degrees compared to the main west direction at the request of the owner.


The design plan of the beautiful 4m tube house on the tum floor of Mr. Quynh

Behind the beautiful 4m frontage 75m2 townhouse of Quynh’s family in Dong Anh designed 1 shared bathroom. A laundry room in the back has an empty drying yard combined with a garden corner of 8m2 growing green vegetables. The front is a cool outdoor terrace and small landscape. Construction area of ​​the 3rd floor of a beautiful townhouse model with 4m frontage Mr. Quynh 55m2

Cost of building 2.5-storey townhouse with 4m frontage with garage

Form nHa pipe 4m wide 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace using quite a material level of about 5 million / m2 – 5.5 million / m2 completed. So the construction cost of a modern 2.5-storey 4x18m tube house with a garage is about 95 million good levels. The cost of building a beautiful 4-meter townhouse is also moderate, not too high compared to the previous designs of neoclassical townhouses or other beautiful Thai roofs.

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How to build a house 4x18m 2 floors 1 beautiful street frontage

Highlights in beautiful house architecture 4m 3 floors When the main design is to optimize the spacious and comfortable living space for the members. Under the creativity in the idea of ​​the façade, the split-level design uses aluminum and glass materials, and the walls are covered with ceramic stone. In addition, a beautiful 4x18m tube house model uses sunshades, modern technology Polycarbonate roofing sheets, which are light and easy to construct.


Beautiful house frontage 4m 1 ground floor 2 floors modern 70m2 terrace in 2018

How to build an economical house with 1 ground floor 2 floors with terrace

Technical construction of 3-storey pipe roof with 4m frontage, corrugated iron ceiling, heat-resistant gypsum board. The top has an automatic polycarbonate roofing sheet with a steel frame tilt of 27 degrees to get light. And automatically controlled by Ro-mode when it rains, closes easily. If you like the roof of a 2-storey house with a length of 4m and a length of 20m, then there is the style of Ms. Dao


House style 2 and a half floors with 4m frontage, semi-classical Thai roof architecture, modern style, Ms. Dao

Note when designing a 2-storey house with 1 tum 4x18m today

Especially, the design style of a beautiful 2.5-storey tube house with a 4x18m facade, Mr. Quynh is the way to optimize the feng shui ground space, which is flexible, reasonable, and has a harmonious rhythm with full light through the ingenious design of Architect Toan. and a team of construction engineers add technical structures to bring a comfortable living space for a young couple and 2 children.

Refer to more than 109 other beautiful house models in 2020

Hope the beautiful townhouse model 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 4x18m has attached drawings and how to introduce design consultants modern townhouse 4m wide, 20m long, leaving the front yard behind according to the drawing to apply for a construction permit to meet the reference needs of building beautiful houses in the new trend of 2020. Please refer to other beautiful 4m townhouses that have just been completed.


Picture of a tube house with a 4m frontage with a beautiful Thai roof, Ms. Huong Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City


Picture of a house with a beautiful 4m frontage 1 ground floor 2 floors 1 modern terrace Mr. Phong Binh Tan

See : House with 4m frontage, beautiful and simple, Mr. Phong Binh Tan


The facade of the 3-storey tube house is 4×15 wide with a modern-style garage


Design of 2-storey tube house 1 tum 4×20 modern style Mr. Hung Quang Ninh


Model of beautiful tube house 50m2 3 floors with 4m facade French style


Modern 4-storey tube house model with 4m frontage


Model of a townhouse with a frontage of 4x16m, 3.5 floors, Mr. Uy in Ho Chi Minh City

Model of 2-storey house 4m wide by 20m long is popular today


Front model of a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with a width of 4m and a length of 20m above it with an additional terrace Mr


House 4×20 2 floors 1 tum modern style Anh Quoc

The article briefly describes the architectural style beautiful townhouse frontage 4m 2 floors 1 tum 2020 and 2021. Modern style 70m2 street lot also temporarily ends today. Sincere thanks to Quynh’s family for their cooperation in sharing their desire to build a cheap house. and create conditions for architects and construction engineers. Vietnam new beautiful house design joint stock company. We complete the idea and build a beautiful house. Certainly spacious, simple but elegant modern for your family. Best regards!


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